This is all going to be based on the ocean and all the waste that has and still is contaminating it. Not only that, but also ways we can reduce our plastic waste and create a better future for the ocean. Click here for educational videos.

Many materials all over the world are purposely or accidently dumped into the ocean, these types are industrial waste, radioactive waste, sewage and dredged material. Even in the deepest part of the ocean like, the Mariana Trench, discovered by divers was a plastic bag 36,000 feet deep. These factors are ruining the natural order of things in this marine habitat. Reefs are disappearing and with them many species of fish have gone missing. One of the very important solutions is to reduce the amount waste we used. Day to day objects like plastic straws, cups, bags and bottles can be easily swapped for more environmental friendly materials.
First up: the common plastic straw. These little every day used plastics, are usually only used once and then thrown away. Due to this, most of th percentage ends up in landfill, and because they are so light can be blown away by the wind, eventually ending up in the ocean. All together they make up 0.025 percent of ocean waste. This may seem like a small percentage, but it is much bigger then you realise. These little things affect so much marine life it is incredible. You may have read it on other social medias, seen videos of it, and that is reality. I live close to a very important reef, and i can tell you it is very real. There are two solutions to this problem and the first one is to stop using straws all together. They may be cool and trendy, but they are not necessary in life. The second option is to purchase bamboo or metal straws. These are more environmentally friendly and last longer too, and in my opinion look a lot better:
The second plastic object that is a violation to the planets oceans is plastic bottles. These bottles are quite effiecent to us when we are in need of a quick drink or when the tap water is not drinkable, but these are usually only used once and then again thrown away to be replaced by new ones. 80 percent of plastic bottles are sent to landfill, and overule the place. It takes them years to decompose and as they do this they leak very harmful chemicals into the earth. Although there is a solution to this, metal water bottles.In 2019 they were one of the biggest trends and would have saved a lot of plastic bottles going to the ocean and landfill.
Plastic bags have been reduced in many countries like Australia, now in supermarkets they have been banned of use, to the exception where you now have to bring your own. Although they are still used in other marketing places and are then thrown away, some eventually into the ocean. These little things may seem harmless, but as you should know they are very harmful to the marine life. Turtles mistake them as jellyfish and attempt to eat them. Only to result in them choking to death. Not only turtles are victims to this also, birds, whales, seals and more, mistake them for food. And once in their stomach, they are unable to digest it so it stays in their gut and creates problems from within them. This can be resolved if we stop using plastic bags altogether, instead maybe use fabric ones.